Business category sold out! What now?

Wow! As we have just learned, the business category of the Sensors & {data} | Hackathon tickets has already sold out, even though we have not even finished early bird phase!

We strongly believe that interdisciplinary teams are of great importance for hackathons. This is why we have put quotas on our categories.

If you were just about to get a ticket in the business category, there are two options:

  1. Do you fit in any of the other categories? Could you fill a role in coding, making, science or design? We are not asking for perfection – but for enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. If so, feel free to get a ticket from one of the other categories.
  2. Join the waiting list. This early, there is still a good chance that we will raise the total amount of tickets or even change the quota (adapting to the challenges which we are currently reviewing). If we can offer you a ticket in the future, we will honor the time of your waiting list addition (i.e. if you join the waiting list during early bird phase, we will offer you a ticket at early bird pricing – if we can!)