Ciaran has a broad technology development and innovation background and continuously seeks ways to apply his energy, experience and agile approach to new and exciting challenges.

Whether, mentoring individual life science professionals or developing novel training approaches for life science organisations, Ciaran leverages the many aspects of his broad technology and
management background and experiences. Ciaran has a degree in Controls and Robotics from the University of Hull, along with almost twenty five years of technology development experience. His early career developed rapidly inside some of the large multinational software corporations (Lotus (IBM), Microsoft and Oracle. Later he reignited his passion for robotics, through life
science technology development at his biotech startup, Biobotica LLC and later at EMBL Heidelberg. Most recently Ciaran has moved into a mentoring, coaching and consulting role at his Course Resource startup as well as being heavily involved in the Heidelberg Maker movement. Ciaran cofounded the not-for-profit CoMakingSpace in Heidelberg in 2017 to support the local Maker community.