Ruben is a believer in the power of people in combination with modern technologies to tackle today’s toughest challenges facing cities. As one of the initial members of the business development team at the Digital-Agentur Heidelberg, Ruben prides himself on bringing the human aspect to smart cities. Whether it’s through expanding digital education opportunities, intuitive design, or participating in open innovation, the mission is to create a smart sensible Heidelberg.
Originally from the Chicago area, Ruben did his Bachelor in Managerial Economics at Bethany College in West Virginia, then came to Heidelberg in 2015 where he studied at the SRH Hochschule Heidelberg and completed his Master in International Business & Engineering. At the end of his studies, he joined the new technologies team at the Stadtwerke Heidelberg which last year transformed into the Digital-Agentur Heidelberg. This is where his passion for emerging technologies blossomed.
Ruben loves participating in open innovation events, advocating the latest developments in data privacy, and is continuously searching for the next big thing in AI, IoT, and Blockchain.