Being a good designer is no easy feat. It takes a variety of different skillsets and being able to find inspiration in uncommon places. Sebastian realized that early on while he was the Editor in Chief for komma Magazin during his studies of communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim. Having refined his editorial design skills during his time at university, he focused on interaction design after graduating. Working as a freelancer, he had the ability to further his interests in the various fields of design and work on a multitude of projects with established businesses as well as start-ups all across the globe. He went on to work as a UX Designer for renowned Heidelberg start-up sovanta before starting to gather experience in the field of game design by designing and publishing his own game. Sebastian is now working at infotectures where he designs vision software and helps customers in the field of UX and digital storytelling, making design accessible for clients and users alike.